About Us

Blue Cap Cleaning was established in 2010, and for the last four years has provided cleaning services to a wide variety of organisations, but our first cleaning opportunity arose in the education sector, with the cleaning of a school.

The whole idea of Blue Cap Cleaning started through its Managing Director seeing a need for a professional, yet equally personal approach to cleaning school facilities, an approach that allowed for the cleaning to be customized to suit the changing needs of the school year.

With over a dozen dedicated cleaning teams throughout Auckland, we are large enough to get the job done whenever and wherever it needs to be done, but small enough to care about each and every customer.

Blue Cap realised from the start that a clean and tidy environment encourages learning and reduces disruptions to the start of the school day.

At Blue Cap Cleaning we seek to remove any distractions, that could slow down the start to the school day, and ensure that time spent at school is as smooth as possible for all users of the facilities.

Your satisfaction is the true measure of our quality. Ours is a service truly driven to satisfy the client.

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