Our Team


Robyn started Blue Cap after realising the need for a high-quality cleaning company for school facilities that promoted more substantial learning outcomes and remained flexible enough to meet the ever-changing school needs daily. From this start at Milford Primary School, which remain our clients to this day, the company has grown dramatically and will continue to grow by always making the customers' lives easier.

Bruce M. Gyde BAppSci (Comm)

Bruce has over ten years of experience in communications roles both in corporate and community service industries. Bruce brings more than twelve decades of Government Service and Administration experience to the team and is always available for corporate & community-based client communications if any issues arise.

Our Admin Staff

During regular office hours, our admin staff are available to coordinate changes and responses to meet client needs should any situations arise and to ensure that the right people receive any communications at the right time.

Our Cleaning Teams

We have twelve dedicated cleaners managing commercial and residential cleaning contracts throughout the Greater Auckland area. This provides us with the best balance of quality and customer responsiveness without losing that all-important personal touch in providing our services to you.

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