Vision & Objectives


To maximise our clients’ enjoyment of their own premises, by minimising the time they spend in its upkeep and management. To help our clients maintain a clean,  ealthy, and safe environment for all their premises users.

Our Mission

To Cap off Your Day

Clean: Clean beyond the expectations of the client and the provisions of the contract.

Accurate: Assist our Clients to reduce the time taken managing their facilities Accommodate the changing needs of our Clients through active Feedback and Timely action.

Passionate: Be Passionate about cleaning and eager to do the job right.

Our Objectives

We believe that you go to work in order to work - stepping in the door ready to do the job at hand, not cleaning up the place first before doing the tasks your customers and clients pay you for.

It's the same objective for all our cleaning contracts - knowing before you even set foot in the premises that there are no surprise cleanups awaiting you, and being able to settle into work from the very moment you step into your office - this is our objective.

At Blue Cap Cleaning we seek to remove the time spent away from important duties that cleaning involves.

By removing the stress of cleaning up at the start of, or after a long day we feel we are doing our part to keep your company functioning at its best and maximise the time spent doing the tasks that staff are paid for.

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